Yzin Blaze (ft. ⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂ and Tengu Dante) – último solsticio

In a trifecta of production power, Yzin Blaze enlists the help of ⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂ and Tengu Dante on the track último solsticio

A warping sound shifts from one note to the other. The sound is cut up into pieces causing it to judder slightly before entering into a comfortable flow. A relaxed rhythm begins to take the pad sound forward, organic drum sounds again Manzarek synth work. A bass begins to hammer into the beat as a collective of voices buffet and disappear with the winds blow. 

It does feel unsurprisingly that all the artists are represented in the middle part of the song. We have Yzin Blaze’s crystal clear melody-making, ⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂’s production skill corroding the sounds and the sampling style of Tengu Dante.

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The track floats for a bit. The tunes speeding and slowing trying to find a rhythm or sound to tack themselves onto. Suddenly, a commanding drum beat smashes through the confusion with the melody aligning almost instantly. The moment hits almost like a switching of tracks in a rap freestyle. 

The pad from the start envelops the ongoing track and when it disappears we are left with mere echoes.

Choose stream here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/yzinblaze/ultimo-solsticio-feat-vdmr-tengu-dante

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