Acid Disco – AURAGRAPH

The majesty of the analogue sound took centre stage on AURAGRAPH’s debut release. Memory Tracer was undeniably one of the strongest and most rewarding projects to come out in 2020, the album welcomed listeners to a rich palette of sounds as the artist flexed a patiently-paced synthwave sound inspired by the 80s. 

From the very beginning of the aptly named Acid Disco, we can hear a decidedly more modern sound come to the fore. A soft pad stretches over toward the listener, carried on its path by rhythmic hi-hats trickling sibilantly. Not only is it more of a 90s style, but the more warm and communal feeling of a genre like Acid House is present, as opposed to the austere tones of 80s synth music. 

The bass begins to thump. That characteristically sharp resonance sounds muffled at first, but slowly the filter opens as the track settles into a beat. The this arpeggiated bass section hits out with jagged notes every now and again, piercing through the tranquil pads. Chimes bring in a balearic sound, as images of sandy beaches and mirage-like horizons begin to ameliorate. 

When AURAGRAPH has introduced every little motif and movement, the artist guides the track with a patient hand allowing every part its time in the golden sunshine.

The sound the artist showcased on the debut album Memory Tracer was so professionally crafted that one could have been forgiven for thinking that the artist was wedded to this style of slow and serious electronic music. But with Acid Disco, AURAGRAPH presents a track with all the infectiousness of the 90s rave style and a more than substantial amount of that beautiful analogue sound that he introduced us to on his previous outing.

The album Opacity Field will be released on Hiraeth Records on January 15th, 2021.

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